About me

I first came across Traumatic Incident Reduction in 2008 when I was asked to help promote a public lecture on the subject. I was impressed by the data and figures being presented; Traumatic Incident Reduction is much more effective than anything else I know about. I did my initial Traumatic Incident Reduction training in 2009 and have been practising ever since.

I chose to focus on birth trauma because it is easy to fix with Traumatic Incident Reduction, yet the 30% of mothers who experience birth trauma get little or no help or recognition. We have the idea that having a baby is a beautiful magical time and women are made to feel inadequate and guilty if they admit that things are less than perfect. Too often women have their feelings and symptoms dismissed as “mummy brain” or hormones. That isn’t right or fair, and I want to see that change.

Now in 2016 I am available as a Traumatic Incident Reduction facilitator to people who would like some help bringing about change. I am continually impressed at how well Traumatic Incident Reduction works and how few sessions it takes for people to feel that they can go about their lives in a positive way without needing further help. I am a member of the Traumatic Incident Reduction Association , the professional body governing Traumatic Incident Reduction and Life Stress Reduction. I completed training in Traumatic Incident Reduction, Life Stress Reduction and Ability Enhancement with TIRA.

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